I am only 17 years old in only my third year of high-school. I put all of the money I have into competing. I do have a weekend job and it seems to be paying for 2 tournaments a month. The problem is the more I compete the less I work and the less I get paid. This wouldn’t be too big of an issue if I just had to just skip out on a couple tournaments, but I would really like to go to mundials this year. Even if I didn’t compete at all all until june, I still wouldn’t have the money to go. So I appreciate any donations I receive and it would help so much, every cent counts. If you are a tournament owner or promoter. I’ll do work like mopping the mats, helping setup, helping with anything in exchange for a chance to compete. I understand the value of a dollar and that’s why I work hard for every cent I make. I can’t understand how other teens compete so frequently, so if you are one of them please leave some advice for me. I just want to compete!

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